ROUND 3 (above and right): As the cornerpost collapses, chunks of the facade fall away in a cloud of dust and wood splinters.

ROUND 5 (below): The house begins to sag to the left. Beneath the dangling front gutter, the loader advances into what looks like the dark mouth of a coal mine.



ROUND 7 (below): The house is a shell whose second story floors and interior walls have collapsed. A loose flap of facade sways as the loader attacks the timbers that support the roof. Meanwhile, the house's list to the left is becoming severe.

ROUND 6 (below): The loader has pushed down most of studs along the midline of the house. A large section of the second floor collapses and new shafts of daylight reveal chimney brick. As the shovel dislodges a flake of asphalt-covered clapboard, the front gutter clatters down onto the growing scrap pile.

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