ROUND 8 (above): The loader chips away at the north wall and worries the roof supports back and forth. There is a groan and creak of nails and timber parting company after 100 years as the roof moves off-center.

ROUND 9 (above): The roof and facade tear and there is a tremendous thud as the chimney snaps off at the roofline and falls into the backyard. Then, like a much magnified echo, comes the crash of the main stack on the splintered studs and rafters.



ROUND 10 (left): It's more like judo than karate as the roof, nudged off-balance, collapses the house in place. The clatter of the falling tin gable is the loudest sound of all.

ROUND 11 (below): Dust hangs in the air. The house is down, save for the front entranceway and the rear shed addition.

Somehow the house numbers remain legible until the end. Then they, too, are crushed and compacted by the loader's steel tracks.